Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zoo fun

So, a week ago I turned over a new leaf. I started getting up much before the girls in the morning. I was always so tired during the mornings, so instead of going back to bed for an hour after feeding Clara at 6 am, I'm just putting her back to sleep and getting myself up and going. I've felt better overall and been very productive.

That said, I woke up sometime before 6:30am this morning (Sat), even though Clara hadn't woken yet. Justin woke up, too, and we looked at the radar map to see about rain in Columbia, SC... and decided to go to the zoo! We knew we'd drive in rain and see some when we got there, but we took the risk since the high was supposed to be 76 F. We went in the aquarium and ate lunch during the rain, and the sun came out bright and warm for all the animal exhibits! Izzy's favs were the gorillas and the birds that you could hold on your shoulders.

**My camera DIED. I'm so sad! Anyhow, we got just a few shots with Justin's cell phone. I used the video camera for our home videos during our zoo visit.

Do you see Clara's smile? I bundled them up, but we shed all the layers with the warm sun. Click on the pic to make it bigger.
The gorillas had some serious personality. I thought Izzy would cry when this gorilla turned around and looked right at us, but she was so enamoured with the 3 gorillas that she didn't want to leave.

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