Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hard-working hubby

I'm so thankful for a hubby who works VERY hard and sometimes long hours in order to provide for his family! He's an electrical engineer by degree but is in outside sales in that field.

Here are some pics I found on his phone:

Justin sells valves and control systems to different manufacturing plants or buildings in his Charlotte area territory.
This is the view of uptown Charlotte from the top of the Bank of America building. He was looking at some valves up there.

Mr. Sales Guy takes customers out on the company's deep sea fishing boat.
He also takes customers to sporting events... the wives had to go to this event since the customers wanted to bring their spouses--my very first redneck NASCAR race at Lowe's Motor Speedway this past May. (I must say, it wasn't that bad at the race and the food at the tailgate was some of the best food I've EVER had!!! TV racing is much more boring in my opinion.)
So thankful to have a GREAT job for my hubby!

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