Monday, October 5, 2009

What yard will we have in a year?!

Well, a friend from church who owns a landscaping company has sold us on making the investment into the yard treatments. He has beautiful grass, even with NC's scorching summer sun. The initial investment costs some $$$$$$, but our burnt prairie really needs some help and the chemical treatments just don't last. It will be nice to have a yard for the girls to play in instead of what we have now. Pennsylvania grass is so thin and silky compared to our tough stuff here! I guess that's what we get for having sun that scorches...

Justin spent about 6 hours this past [very sunny 80 degree] Saturday after the yard was aerated spreading the fertilizer and seed. Here's a picture after all that work was done. He changed clothes and relaxed inside in between moving the sprinkler around the front and back yards. I attempted to move a bunch of plants around in the front flower beds, but Justin ended up digging the holes for me since both girls decided to cry at the same time (not to mention that the ground was hard as rock from lack of rain)! Believe it or not, it's Monday and raining on all that seed! YAY! (Actually, double YAY cause we pay for our water here unlike my parents who have a well.)

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