Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch!

We enjoyed beautiful October weather yesterday when we visited Hodges Farm. I had the girls some pumpkin outfits to wear, but it was TOO warm for them! I wouldn't have had us in jeans if I'd have known it was going to be so warm. :) We loved it!

Naphtali and Ella Grace rode with us, and Grammy and Aunt Jennifer met us at the farm since it's located just minutes from Jennifer's house. Clara, my fairly easy little girl, decided to cry most of the way to the farm. When she quit, Ella Grace took the crying baton. Thankfully, the drive was only 20 mins from Naph's house. Life was much better for the babes outside of the car. :) The horse scared Izzy right off the bat when it kicked the water bucket over and made a big crashing sound. I even jumped! By the end of our visit, Izzy wanted Grammy or Momma to take her back to see the horse several times. We enjoyed the breeze that blew while we walked around the farm and saw the goats, pigs, cattle, and ponies. We relaxed and ate some sandwiches before heading home. As soon as Izzy woke up from her nap yesterday afternoon, guess which toy she got out to play with (that hasn't been played with much yet)? The horse head with the stick attached that you "ride" around the house!

Friends and our babies! I'm so thankful to have Naphtali as a friend, and I'm especially grateful to have her here in our daily lives!!!
Aunt Jenn loves her neices! You probably can't tell, but there were goats in these cages. PS. We need some other aunts to come visit soooooon!!! Clara is dying to meet you. ;)

All of the Clark girls (one used-to-be Clark) :)

Finally got a smile on camera from Clara!
These two are 11 days apart with Clara being the younger babe.

My precious little Pumpkin, Izzy!

The funniest part of the visit to the pumpkin patch at the farm is that I did NOT pick any pumpkins off the vine to buy! They were much more expensive than the ones at Walmart and Lowes, so we'll be heading to one of those stores to pick out some pumpkins to carve and to use as decorations. :)

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