Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!

Merry Christmas!
2011 was a blessed year as we became a family of 5. I haven't kept up the blog, because there's just not enough time, and I didn't have a well-functioning laptop. We'll see, maybe I'll get back to my blog in 2012 with my new computer. Izzy is now 4 yrs, Clara has been 2 yrs since August, and Jack is 7.5 months. I have the very best husband (for me), and our children are our special treasures.

There are a few things I've learned this year about raising our children:

1. It's best to be flexible.
2. We hold our children with an OPEN hand, because they are ultimately God's children.
3. Hire cleaning ladies if you want to play with your children in a clean home.
4. You can become a coffee-drinker at 27 years old.
5. Have reasonable but high expectations-children love to rise to the challenge. They really are capable at such a young age of much more than people think.
6. Teach them the Word of God every day in catechisms, Bible verses, life lessons, songs in the car CD player, afternoon book reading, etc. Their minds are incredible sponges.
7. Even after you've kissed your kids goodnight TWICE and they want one more kiss, give it to them cheerfully, cause you just never know what tomorrow may bring.
8. Model a marriage that reflects the sacrificial love and joy of Christ. Make sure the kids know that your marriage comes first. Date nights, at least one per month, are essential!
9. Laugh instead of getting frustrated.
10. Remember, the kids are watching and listening to every reaction Mom makes.
11. Apologize to the kids when Mom has made a mistake or reacted wrongly.
12. Have fun in the everyday normal living.
13. Pray for these kids who've been entrusted into your care.
14. Schedules keep Mom (and kids) sane, but a dose of spontaneity is good for everyone.
15. Beware, parenting preschool age children is liable to be a season of life where Mom realizes all of her shortcomings. It's definitely a spi ritual growing time for kids AND for Mom.
16. Don't compare yourself to other moms. Be who God created you to be. You're the mom of your kids, and that is unique to only you!
17. Run really fast while pushing the grocery cart down the aisle and laugh wildly along with your kids. Who cares if everyone is watching. At least, you're enjoying the fleeting moments with your kids.
18. Don't worry, your kid will be potty trained for Kindergarten, and none of their peers will ask them when they became potty trained. Just when you think you have two kids out of diapers during the day, you realize you still have to wipe their behinds on the toilet. It will end... someday. :-)
19. Dance in the kitchen with your kids while cooking dinner.
20. Trust God.

My second favorite man... "JB" (as we call him from his longer nickname JackBoy) has captured my heart!