Saturday, October 31, 2009


I cannot believe I'm THE MOM taking my daughter out for trick-or-treating. I remember all those years of going out with my parents and sisters. What a funny feeling to be the parent. Last year, we took Izzy out in this neighborhood after closing on our house that morning! We only went to a few houses last year, cause it's kinda awkward holding a bag out for candy when your child can't even walk. You know the candy givers know that the parents are gonna eat the candy, but we really just wanted to meet some neighbors. Anyhow, I think last year, we went to about 5 homes. This year was different--got to go to a lot of homes and Izzy could walk!

I never grew up in a neighborhood, so we drove to neighborhoods for trick-or-treat. This year, Justin stayed to hand out the candy (to btwn 30-40 kids), and I strolled the girls all around. We hit a little light rain that only got me, and Clara cried for about 5 minutes cause she was tired, but soon she just fell asleep in the stroller. The first door we went to kinda scared Izzy. She didn't know who was coming and why we were there. Once she realized that the opening doors meant more candy, she was excited. A couple places had homeowners dressed up really scary, and of course, my little scaredycat didn't like those places. Although, she did say thank you even to the scariest of candy-givers. At the majority of homes, Izzy "neigh"ed and said "trick" but couldn't quite get the "or-treat" out. As her mom, I thought she was just sooo cute.

We got this horse costume for free at the end of the church yardsale since it was left over--woohoo! (Thanks, Ashley.) I am always amazed when I'm looking and looking for something, and if I just keep waiting, I get what I wanted for cheaper than expected!
Clara was a pumpkin--got the outfit at a consignment sale and the hat for $1 at Target.
I was wearing shorts cause it was soooo hot and humid! Definitely not Pennsylvania weather...

Greediness came out in abundance... Izzy didn't understand taking only 2 or 3 pieces when there was a whole bowl sitting outside. :) I was so shocked when people would hold the bowl out for her, and she would just start scooping as much as she could like she was starving. We had a talk about sharing candy so the other kids had some to get...
Our last stop before home--to see our wonderful neighbors Joe and Nancy! Do you see the little pumpkin in Izzy's basket? Joe brought it over to Izzy earlier today, and that pumpkin took a nap with her, went to the grocery store with her, and of course, went trick-or-treating with her!
Woohoo! Never had so much candy in all my 22 months! Two full baskets...
Both the girls were in their orange this morning...

Izzy begs to hold Clara everyday, but only for a few minutes or sometimes just a minute.

What a fun day with my girls!

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