Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our church had a bazaar on Saturday to raise money for a unique school here in Charlotte serving the inner-city. Our friend, Steve, and Justin were in charge of cooking the BBQ all night Friday into Saturday morning. Izzy, Clara, and I went out to eat with Grammy and Poppy on Friday evening, and then we stopped by the church to see the guys hard at work. We didn't realize that we were pulling up to a regular little party! A bunch of people from church were just spending time hanging out around the big smoker. Izzy had a blast and [happily] stayed up till we left at 10:40pm! Justin's bro-in-law, Calvin, and a friend from church, Jeremy, stayed all night to help out, too.

Izzy & sweet Lucy

Calvin (bro in law), Justin, and Doug (Justin's dad)

The Pork

Yes, Steve & Justin were up all night... pretty tired at this point on Saturday afternoon! Justin hasn't stayed up that long since his college days, and he definitely could feel it. ;)

The guys want to do a BBQ in the Spring with two smokers to raise more $ for Brookstone School!

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