Monday, March 14, 2011

One BIG sleepover!

A new experience for us: hosting 24 Habitat for Humanity college students/leaders overnight.
This group was on their way back from building a home in Georgia to their school, the Univ. of Pittsburgh. We managed to feed them all dinner while learning about how their project for HFH worked. I was glad to have just enough food, and was shocked to realize just how much food 24 grown people can eat! In the morning, we mixed Daylight Savings with their early departure, so I was glad that Justin cooked breakfast while I prepared the fruit, coffee, and eating utensils. Even if I wasn't this pregnant, I think I'd have still needed a nap Sunday afternoon after church, but it was a fun time for us, and we were happy to help them out. The guys slept on the third floor and a few on the first floor in our family room, the girls slept on the second floor in the extra bedrooms... lots of sleeping bags everywhere! For having that many people here, they left our house neat and tidy. :)
The leader of this group, Jonny, is a Messiah alum, and I was good friends with his younger brother, James, at Messiah. Seeing college people that I haven't seen in a long time is ALWAYS awesome! (After they had gone, Izzy said, "I like Jonny. Hims nice. Hims carried Clara.")
Lots of shoes!

Izzy didn't want them to leave Sunday morning. I mean, all the extra attention (and cell phones for her to play on) was pretty fun!!!

Goodbye Nemo I, Hello Nemo 2, 3, & 4

While eating breakfast one morning, I realized that our "Nemo" was upside down in our tank. I get grossed out by that kind of thing, so I was thankful that the girls had gotten up and started breakfast early enough that morning for Justin to still be home. Justin and Izzy flushed Nemo, and all we were left with was a large Algae eater named Marlin. Marlin hides in a rock most of the day, and prefers to come out to clean the tank when it's dark or when the kids are not around.
While at Walmart getting a few things Saturday morning, we stopped to get some new Nemos! The three of them have orange fins and gray/silvery bodies with bold black stripes.
Since Clara feeds Marlin, Izzy now has fish to feed again!

Gettin' ready for a boy!

Last week, I organized ALLLLLLLLLLLL the kids' clothes. Just three years of clothes for every season adds up to more big tubs of clothes than I coulda ever imagined. At least, every single age/season is now completely organized in one of our attic spaces. I felt quite accomplished. :) Our little boy has been very blessed by friends and family and has bins of clothes for his whole first year already!
Then I moved on to ridding the nursery of pink accents and Clara's clothes. It is now completely ready for our little guy, and the pink has been replaced with BLUE!
Little diapers sitting ready:

Thankfully, the nursery was already "neutral" with orange walls and a clown theme:

34weeeks... and he's turned to a normal position! YAY!
Growing out:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SIX weeks... or so!

Today I have six weeks until I'm due with our little boy! Of course, if I go past the due date, it'll be a little longer, but not too much past April 20. Maybe an Easter time baby?

You might get a kick out of these pics I took with my phone. The girls were playing doctor/midwife and doing just what they've watched during my appointments.

Clara's feeling Izzy's baby:

Izzy ran and got the soap (haha), because she watches Damaris put the gel on my belly before doing the doppler for the heart:
A flashlight makes a great stand-in doppler machine:
If you could hear Izzy, she's saying that she can hear the baby making some kicks on the doppler:
Isn't that too funny?! That's the first time I've seen them play THAT!

Soon enough we won't be just a family with two little girls.
They sure are fun!

Here they are in the grocery store getting ready to go get a couple things.