Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet Baby Cam

Our good friends, the Fawcetts, have been living in Delaware for over a month now for the birth and care of their son, Cam, who has hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He is in the pediatric cardiac intensive care at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which is one step more serious than the NICU. The Lord is healing Cam each day, but the Fawcetts have a long road ahead. My girls have gotten very used to praying for Cam. The other day, we were praying for our meal, and Izzy mixed up her prayers. We often pray for Justin to have wisdom at work, so Izzy knew to pray for Cam, but prayed, "Please give baby Cam wisdom." It made me smile. ;) We cannot wait to see him running some day with our little Jack, just like Maggie Fawcett and Izzy do.

One blessing that the Lord provided was for Justin to visit the Fawcetts, to get a first hand take on everything, and to give them some support from their church family. Justin said he will never forget holding that little boy. We now know how to pray for them even more!
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  1. i worked with those little HLHS babies when i was a nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit at Vanderbilt. (i still get christmas cards from one of them; he'll be four next month. =) a hard road, but CHOP is definitely one of the best places to be.