Monday, June 27, 2011

Growin' on up

Izzy started her first extra activity this month: DANCE!
She is in a six week summer intro class to get her used to class before the real classes start again in the Fall. It's laid back and fun, and she doesn't have to wear a leotard and dance shoes until Fall.

The first class was so funny. Whenever Izzy starts something new, she is very serious and watches everything w/o participating. She did that the first time we ever went to storytime at the library, did that the first part of seeing Barney live, etc. Eventually, she warms up to full, all out participation. Anyhow, she stands completely still watching everyone dancing all around her. I forget what she is like and start urging her to participate, which leads to a teary, overwhelmed meltdown. I was laughing so hard, cause everyone else was dancing away and my kid seemed totally unsocialized. :) I left her alone and slowly she lifted her foot, and by the end of class she was the happy little dancer! Last week, I just dropped her off and ran to the grocery store before picking her up. :)

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