Monday, June 27, 2011

Food, Water, and Sand

We enjoyed a morning at one of our neighborhood playgrounds with Carriel and her daughter, Georgiana. Izzy and Georgi have December birthdays 8 days apart. I always have a good time talking with Carriel! They put a new sandbox in the park that wasn't there last week!

Jack looks awfully big in this picture. Georgi, you are so sweet!

Angie and her daughter, Carissa, came to visit in early June bearing gifts. They brought hand-crocheted cupcakes for the girls' play kitchen with little "sprinkles" sewed on top (tiny beads). We are missing them this summer as they are visiting family and going to summer camps in Chicago.

Another day we met the Surratts at Blakeney during lunch time to listen to live music while the kids ran through the fountains of water that shot up from the ground. (I even walked through them with Jack. haha.) It was a fun outting for a hot day!

Another day we met Naphtali and Ella Grace for lunch at Panera. I LOVE catching up with Naph. We never, ever have enough time to talk. It takes us 100 tries to leave each other before we actually leave!

Naph is 3/4 done with her pregnancy with Baby Boy Mitten!
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