Friday, June 24, 2011

First friends visit

My dear friend, Naphtali, was Jack's first visitor! She came Friday morning just after breakfast. I'm sure holding him made her anxious to meet her little boy coming at the end of September. It's so fun that her Ella Grace and Clara are close in age, and Jack and her boy will be close in age. :)

Carla held Jack for a good while later that day, and I can't wait to hold her next little one!

Our pastor ended Friday's visits. I always love having him come after our babies are born!

On Saturday, our very good friends, the Willinghams, came at different times during the day to meet Jack and to provide us with a meal! They have been to visit after each our kids were born.

Before heading down to South Carolina, the Roach family stopped by! Their son, Martyn, is exactly one year older than Clara.
I know not everybody likes (short) visits just after having had a baby, but I LOVE it. I enjoy sharing my little ones with the people that love us.
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