Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowed and Iced In!

We were inside for about 3 days due to 4" of snow and a layer of ice that eventually covered that snow. On the third day, Justin was gone all evening for work, so we finally ventured out to Target to exchange something I had bought and to find a few necessary items (ie. milk). Thankfully, the sun's thermal load had melted most of the ice from the roads by then.
Justin worked from home some of Monday (but had to go to a plant that was having some issues) and most of Tuesday, but we sure didn't see him much. He was on the phone/computer, so our noise didn't exactly help him. He ascended up to our third floor to work, except for our much beloved lunches with him those days! Snow days are more fun outside when Daddy's not working and able to play with all of us, maybe next time. ;)
Izzy's grocery bags instead of boots:
She didn't mind playing all by herself... well, she had the dogs to keep her company out there. Yes, I took the picture from the doorway. ;)
Thankfully, Grammy had just surprised the girls with new slippers, so they have been put to use!
I've really enjoyed our days together... cleaning the house (with the girls' help!), continuing our morning school lessons, baking cookies, etc. I've even gotten to read Jane Eyre this week... gotta love some Bronte literature on these cold, indoor days. My Grandma Beatty would be proud. :)

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