Friday, January 7, 2011

A clothesline... of goodies!

On Monday evening after we arrived in Hershey, my mom said that a couple of the family members from her family were coming over for brunch the next day. I didn't realize that they were trying to have a mini-shower for me. Tuesday morning, Justin was trying all kinds of things to get me out of the house: Asking if I wanted to go out for breakfast--but weren't we having brunch??? Asking me to go to the store to buy something Tess needed--but couldn't Tess do that herself? Finally, at one point he grabbed my coat and basically told me we were going out to see what new updates my dad had done to his workshop/barn. It was cold, but I appeased him. After a few minutes, I'm suggesting we go back into the house cause there's only so much to look at in the cold. ;) Again and again, Justin would find another "treasure" or old saw that he just HAD to look at. Out the window, I saw an SUV pull up that I didn't recognize and people that I didn't quite recognize as family unless it was an unexpected stop from one of my mom's old friends??? So, I hurried Justin and we walked into the house to see this:
It took me a second to realize what was going on, but my Aunt Wendy, Great-Aunt Betty, and Mom's friend Debbie joined my sisters and mom for a little brunch and plenty of baby boy gifts for me!
(My Aunt Wendy will be having my newest first cousin, Hannah, this weekend by induction if she doesn't come soon!)
Justin was outnumbered, but his phone/email kept him good company. ;)
Mom made a delicious egg casserole and some breakfast danishes:
We received so many cute little blue and brown outfits! I'm getting very excited!!!

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