Friday, January 7, 2011

NYE 2010 just the four of us!

Justin's last day of vacation.............
In the morning, the four of us drove to Ft. Mill, SC for my midwife appointment. Izzy loves to hear the heartbeat on the doppler, and our little boy has a heartrate that is about the same as Clara's was (high 150s)... hope it really is a boy. ;) My midwife found the head of the baby and showed Justin how to kinda grab it, and that was AWESOME! I'm 15 weeks away from the due date (Apr 20)... :) :) :) SO THRILLED!!!
Justin told Izzy we were going to forgo Walmart and Target and "class Mom up" by going to THE MALL to shop for boots that Aunt Maggie had paid for (for one of my Christmas presents).
She LOVES the "alligator" (escalator).

My midwife said she'd been shopping at the mall the night before and that there were lots of deals to be found on boots. We struck out on my size in two stores, but Macy's did us well. We found wedge boots (on sale) that I love! Thanks, Maggie!!!

On NYE evening, we tried the new Hickory Tavern in Wesley Chapel and had a great time together. It was fun to discuss the whole past year, how we had grown and changed, and look back on how God really did take care of us and provide abundantly when we had gone nervously into a year that started with a recession (and a job in sales).
Justin surprised us when he ordered the SEVEN layer chocolate cake, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it:
Hello, 2011!

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