Friday, January 7, 2011

Old and New Friends

We had a very short time in PA, but we had from about 4-6pm Tuesday evening to see two sets of friends, one old and one new. Graham, who I've been friends with since senior year in high school, lives in St. Louis, but was visiting his family in Hershey with his girlfriend, Shirin. They were leaving Hershey early the next morning and had about an hour free on Tuesday eve, so we hurried over to his mom's house after the girls' naps. I always love seeing Graham and Lynne, and meeting Shirin for the first time was a delight.
We pulled ourselves away from the cat (and friends) and headed over to the Coulters' home. Lindsay and I didn't know each other very well in high school, but thankfully, people can grow up and forget about cliques and embrace being in the same stage of life. We connected over Facebook after Lindsay had become a mom, and started emailing back and forth. I love it! Anyhow, she offered us a tub of beautiful boy clothes since her son was born in April (I'm due Apr 20), so we stopped to get that and to meet the Coulter family. Izzy and Clara loved Chase's selection of toys, and we all had a good time getting to know each other for a little while before hurrying home to my mom's (belated) Christmas dinner.
Chase was 9 months in this pic and weighed the same as Clara at 16 months! :)
Thanks so much for the clothes; we are blessed!

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