Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 is in full swing

We took down the Christmas decor on Monday, and then Tuesday evening the four of us packed up all the ornaments before Izzy and Justin disposed of our lovely Christmas tree. I leave a few snowmen up for January, as long as they don't look too Christmasy.

Riding their horses:

We're back on our regular life schedule now. I know the three of us definitely missed Justin the first few days this week, but all is well. Izzy told Justin this morning that he needs to go back to work today, so that we can pay for food at Chick-Fil-A. Hahaha. (And no, we don't go there often; she just loves the treat of being able to go to CFA.) Clara stopped her morning nap this week, and has joined Izzy and me in our morning school lessons. She enjoys the abacus that Grandma and Granddaddy gave to the girls for Christmas. Izzy pulled a chip out of the bag on Wednesday and exclaimed that it had three sides and was a triangle! I was a proud momma at that moment. LOL. I have now stopped running (mostly just cause it was too cold, not for any physical reasons), but I have switched to the stationary exercise bike in the mornings before the girls wake. I'm just enjoying everyday life with my girls, cause soon I won't be able to refer to all my kids as "the girls"...........

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