Friday, June 4, 2010

Real Milk Chocolate

Tess was so sweet and drove 3 hours each way to pick up my grandma and bring her back to visit with us in Hershey. She used her days off work to drive quite a bit.
Grandpa, Nana, Great-Grandma Beatty, Auntie Tess, and the three of us girls toured Chocolate World along with all the tourists. ;)

Both girls LOVED the singing cows. Grandma got us in the special entrance since she has a cane. She got to ride on a wheelchair, while the rest of us almost fell getting on the moving circular floor for the ride. :)

The 3-D Show was pretty cool! When one of the characters spit, we were spritzed with water, and another time they piped in a strong chocolate aroma during the movie. Pretty impressive!

I never get tired of visiting Chocolate World!
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