Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing up...

Izzy surprises me everday with her development. I can't believe the things a 2 year old remembers from months ago.

Izzy is growing up and now:
1. Sends text messages on her cell phone. Seriously, she says she's sending so and so a message and then types away at the keypad. Hmmm, maybe that says something about how many texts HER MOM sends. ;)

2. Prepares food for Clara??? This morning, I was cleaning and getting ready for our long weekend at the beach. I looked over at Clara in the highchair, and Izzy had gotten out the mandarin oranges and a knife, and pulled a chair up next to the highchair. She was cutting up the oranges and giving them to Clara, and then she even got a paper towel to clean up the high chair tray. Woohoo!

Lovin' everyday of this life!
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