Friday, June 4, 2010

LOOOONG Story...

Sweaty me after running but before my emergency return to Charlotte, NC... On the phone with Justin's family before leaving to get back to MY HUBBY!

Wednesday, after dinner, Justin sent me a text that his stomach was crampy. (I was in Hershey, PA visiting with my family.) I figured it was his normal stomach issues that he has each week. When my phone started ringing at 2am, I knew it wasn't just his normal issues. He was in a lot of pain, but he didn't want to overreact. I wanted to call people for help, but he wanted to be cautious... even though he really thought it might be appendicitis. Justin got ahold of his sister to see if her office had seen any violent stomach bugs. After talking to Justin, she had him push on certain places in his abdomen, and tears came out of his eyes. Even through the phone, she knew it was not good. I made Justin call our neighbor, Joe, who got up/dressed and was going to take him to the ER. Unbeknownst to us, Justin's sister had already called Steve, a paramedic who goes to our church and lives in our neighborhood, and he showed up at our house. Steve ended up taking Justin to the ER, and his mom met him there around 3am. Eventually, the rest of his family and some friends joined him. It took awhile for Justin to get meds, but eventually he went through the CT and was told he had appendicitis sometime after 9am. The surgery was originally scheduled for 1:30pm, but it was pushed back to 2:30pm. It went very smoothly, and Justin was home around 7pm. He just has 4 small holes from the laparoscopic surgery. Justin is pretty funny in regular life, but apparently if you put him on some serious meds, then he is something else! ;) Clara and I arrived home at 8:40pm. She was so happy to see her daddy, and of course, I was more than happy! Izzy stayed with my parents in Hershey, and she'll be brough back here next week. It's good that she isn't here so that Justin can just rest without her wanting to climb on him, but we do miss our little girl. I have been tired from lack of sleep and driving, so I'm enjoying my rest and just having sweet Clara (who is sooooooooooo easy).

The hardest part for me wasn't that Justin had appendicitis. It was just the fact that I wasn't there. It was so weird to know my husband had an ER trip and surgery all before I could get to him.

Justin is sore, tender, and tired, but he has been resting today and walking around some to make sure the gas pumped into his abdomen doesn't rise into his shoulders. He can't work for a week, and he can't do any physical activity for two weeks. We are very thankful for his family and some of our friends who stayed with him throughout the day yesterday, despite being seriously sleep deprived themselves. Tonight and tomorrow night we have meals from two of my girlfriends, and our friend, Nate, is going to mow the grass tomorrow. It feels so good to have people we can count on no matter how inconvenient for them. Justin was supposed to fly to Chicago Thursday morning, and I'm relieved that this didn't all occur when he was there!

I really LOVE my husband.
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  1. That's crazy! I'm glad you are there with him now. I'm sure that is a great comfort to him!