Friday, June 4, 2010

A good break in the drive...

Splitting up a long drive with two littles is a good thing. :) Granddaddy and Grandma were great hosts. Maggie was pretty excited to have a delicious roast, mashed potatoes, and seasoned green beans meal. Justin had my car serviced the day before we left, but I still ended up spending about 1.5 hours getting my tire fixed Monday morning before we drove the rest of the way to PA. When I returned, Granddaddy made us eggs, and Grandma made her delicious oatmeal. Thanks for your hospitality, Granddaddy and Grandma!

Both girls LOVED the Ragamuffin kitties, Max and Maggie, who are about the same age as Clara.

I NEVER had one great-grandparent alive in my life. The girls have known ALL of Justin's grandparents, and two of mine! Pretty cool!
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