Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Braver by the day

So it's no news that Izzy isn't a huge risk taker. She isn't a jump right in kinda kid, but she does eventually do the things the risk takers do. She just does it on her own time table. Every day she does something even more brave than the previous day.

Now she loves to float on her own, go under the water, and jump all around the pool. Have you heard of this new Coast Guard approved life vest? It's called a Puddle Jumper, and it looks like water wings with a band across the chest and a buckle in the back. It's awesome! Helps with balance better than water wings.

We pack a lunch and go to the pool over lunchtime. During the 10 minute adult swim, the three of us chow down. Here's Izzy with her requested apple slices. :)

I love life with Izzy and Clara!
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