Monday, June 21, 2010

Catalytic Converters Save Hearing

Back in our WORKING car.

Want the story?
We drove down to Hilton Head Island to go for a long weekend celebration for Justin's company's 50th Anniversary. The company paid for us to go for two nights, and we had the option to go ourselves for one extra night. So Thursday evening after having been at the beach in the afternoon just the 4 of us, we met up with Justin's parents and the LaPlants to go to Outback for dinner. When we came back out to our car after about 1.5 hours, little did we know something would go very wrong. I was strapping Clara into her seat when Justin turned on the car. I screamed and jumped back cause it was so loud and popped! Really, for the first second, I thought a motorcycle was right next to me, and then I thought the car was going to explode. In the time we were eating dinner, thieves sawed our catalytic converter off from under our Sequoia. Justin's dad dropped us off at the hotel, and went back to be with Justin while the cops came out and then AAA towing. Justin and the cop crawled under other SUVs, but they hadn't been hit. Only one of ours was taken, so they are guessing that the thieves were spooked before finishing. The autobody shop said they've had 18 or so of these happen in the last couple months! The platinum inside the c.c. is worth some $$$! Just the part from Toyota cost $1500, which makes me thankful for car insurance. We are thankful that we got our car back on Saturday before coming home on Sunday.
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