Monday, July 18, 2011

Water and Cupcakes!

Last week, we joined the Rouses at their salt-water pool for swimming and lunch. I love getting together with friends.
Grayson was cute talking to Jack:

The next day, we spent the morning with the Mittens for Ella Grace's 2nd birthday party!

Jack took a snooze while I helped with a few last minute set up jobs:

Carriel and Jack:

Cute pregnant momma:

There was a water-play theme, and a lot of the foods were fish shaped or on fish shaped platters!

The party was at their neighborhood gazebo.

Our friends Martyn and Georgiana:


Aw, look at one excited Ella Grace:

Jack just hangin' out:

Clara, begging and begging for a cupcake!

Eating ice cream cone cupcakes with the birthday girl:
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