Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mrs. Sponaugle

All high school and some middle school summers were spent taking care of deadheading our neighbors' flowers. Some days it took one hour, other days I spent three hours working and could have spent three more. It just depended on what was blooming and dying. I grew to L-O-V-E reblooming Daylilies and hate Hollyhocks. I couldn't wait to see the mulch spread all over the beds of their property each Spring and Fall. That's where I found my loyalty to dark brown, aromatic mulch that will NEVER be swayed by Southerners' pine straw.

Mrs. Sponaugle, known to everyone else as Mimi, was our neighbor. I'm pretty sure my sisters and I will always know her as Mrs. Sponaugle. I couldn't call her anything else. She is the hardest working gardener that I know! The five of us spent some time with her catching up the last morning we were in Hershey before heading to the airport. I found out the Sponaugles have been married for 53 years!!!

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