Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crossin' the Mason-Dixon again!

Jack took his first trip on an airplane for the 4th weekend! The girls were so excited to be on a plane again, and the trip was E-A-S-Y. Wish we could fly every time we go to PA, but Clara will not be free to fly in just a few weeks. Driving 9 hours isn't horrible, but I just don't like driving. The girls aren't bad travelers; it's really their momma who can't stand all the driving. A one hour and one minute flight=a happy momma!!!

Apparently, the FAA doesn't allow two lap children to be sitting next to each other, so I was across the aisle with Jack. Not sure of the logic behind that rule... If the plane goes down, what's that rule gonna do? ;)

Grandpa surprised us and met us at the airport!

Aunt Tess brought us the three carseats.

Aunt Tess got to make a lot of escalator rides with Izzy. Escalator=cheap entertainment for Izzy!
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  1. it has to do with the number of oxygen masks that fall down in an emergency. where there are three seats, there are only four masks in each row. so, thus, two lap kiddos cannot be in the same row because if the row is full, one of the lap kids wouldn't get an oxygen mask. i just learned this myself, so i thought i'd share my newfound knowledge. =)