Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fam Reunion!

Thanks to my late-Grandpa Moyer and the oversight of some of my aunts and uncles, we were blessed with the funds to travel to PA for the Moyer-McClure family reunion on July 4th! We had a wonderful time with everyone, and enjoyed seeing the McClure farm in central PA (Calvin, PA).

Shirts from Nanna:

A baby turtle:

My sweet cousin, Mary Elizabeth, arrived home from ONE YEAR in Ecuador just the night before the reunion, so we were really EXCITED to be with her. I gave her many hugs and love her tons.

My mom's cousin, Sue:

Patriotic food:

The hostess:


A true highlight:

Sweet picture:

Izzy actually hit the target!

Family time!

Here's the Moyer family members that were there. Of course, we missed the ones not able to make it:
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