Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meeting T. Campbell!

My parents had to work on Friday, so that was a perfect set up for us to drive 2 hours to Wilmington to spend the day with our dear friends, the Fawcett family. We didn't have much time to see friends on our short trip since it was a family focused weekend, but we were SO HAPPY to have this opportunity with the Fawcetts. I know I've already posted about their son, Cam, having Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, so I won't go into it, but his condition is very serious. He's at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which is one top notch care center!

Evelyn's mom was a dear servant, and kept all three of our children, along with her granddaughter/Izzy's BFF, Margaret. She even fed Jack his very first bottle successfully. Thank you, Louise!!!

Evelyn had taken the train into the hospital early that morning, so Luke chauffeured us to the hospital just after lunchtime.

When we arrived, we lathered on the hand sanitizer, and then I saw Evelyn for the first time in over a month and met Cam! (Justin had already met him the weekend before.)

He was hooked up to the CPAP machine for his breathing, but eventually, Evelyn and the nurse made a special effort to...
allow me to HOLD and rock CAM!!!

I will NEVER forget holding Cam and all the emotions that I felt. It was a very, very special day. Knowing his life was so very fragile at that time was very overwhelming, and holding him made all the emotions of love incredibly strong. (Feeling that bond with Cam has certainly caused me to cry plenty of tears over the past few weeks when he was facing a second open-heart surgery in his short life, but God has been so merciful to him, to his family, and to their friends here in CLT in giving him enough healthy progress to wait for the surgery for a few months!) He looked tiny but so normal on the outside. It was difficult to see him act like Jack with typical newborn movements, and to know that things on the inside were far from normal. What a lesson in truly knowing that we hold our children with an open hand.

Finally, we said goodbye to Cam (although I didn't really want to leave), and went back to Evelyn's parents' home to eat dinner and spend time with everyone there. The girls had a wonderful time together.

What a day!
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