Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines from afar

Auntie Tess was the first to send Valentine's Day cards. Izzy has finally reached the stage of being excited about receiving mail in the mailbox. Then on the actual day, Nanna sent the girls a package with cards and some new socks! Of course, the girls had to try them on right away. ;)
Clara takes her time "reading" her cards.
Izzy decided 70* was too hot for a shirt.
Attempting to open the package of socks:
Then the day after Valentine's Day, the doorbell rang with a package from FedEx sent by Aunt Maggie! The girls looked so cute when they tried on the new princess swimming suits and hand crocheted hats. Oh, Izzy also received a beautiful new Hello Kitty princess necklace from Aunt Maggie!

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