Friday, February 4, 2011

Girls' room!

We have enough bedrooms that the girls could have separate rooms, but I like the idea of them sharing a room, and then it's just less bedrooms to clean up (for now). One of our other bedrooms (that will come in handy the more babies we have) can fit at least 3 kids if not more. ;)
My mom painted and painted. The "new" bedframe for Izzy was originally black and used by my sister, Maggie, in Hershey, and then by me in my old apartment. She also painted the dresser that hadn't ever been painted when we got it second-hand, and it looks so fresh. She matched the knobs to the walls with the green paint. I laid green and white contact paper down on the hutch shelves above the dresser.
After many tries, I finally settled on these quilt comforters for the girls. The room needed bedspreads with bold colors/patterns.
New bedding from Home Goods:
Izzy's bed frame is from the '50s, and it's really tall. She LOVES climbing up into it like a little monkey and doesn't need a stool or steps at all. She's been in the bed for a week now, and no falling out!
I can't believe my 17 month old is in a twin! She does great in there. I wasn't planning to move her from the crib for another month or two, but we tried it for one night and had success. In the mornings, the girls have been waking up at about 7:05-10am, and out they both come full of energy.
So happy!

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