Friday, February 4, 2011

Nanna fun OUT of the house

I always wish I had someone to do a quick, spur-of-the-moment trip to Walmart or Target with, so it was fun having Nanna here to just browse. However, when I found how difficult it was to find comforters for Izzy and Clara's new bedroom, I got TIIIIIRED of shopping. I made many trips back and forth from home to store buying and returning and finally buying. ;)
Izzy had to make our required aquarium stop when we went to Walmart to buy some primer paint.
We managed to hit Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Marshall's, Hobby Lobby, Ollie's, Home Goods, Walmart, another Marshall's, and another Target last week...
Nanna taught Izzy how to use cash, which was a new experience since I don't really ever use it.
Shopping made us tired and hungry:
I don't shop a ton cause I usually find that it makes me wish I could get things that don't fit in our budget (need to stay far from covetousness, greed, etc), so I think I got my fill for awhile!
We took a fun break Tuesday evening and went to see Secretariat at the $1 theater in town. The girls were great, and we loved the movie.

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