Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thankful for extra blessings!

I had so many extra blessings for my birthday. On Thursday, Naphtali made sugar cookies for our MOPS Steering Team meeting for me. On Saturday, she came over to the house and brought me this lavender top! I love it.

It seems like everyone was so thoughtful in what they gave me. Justin went on Amazon to see what I had been looking for and got me a CD I wanted but never told him about. I lose my credit cards in my pockets a lot, cause I don't take my big ol purse into the stores sometimes. So... he got me a little pocket wallet that I can use when I don't want a purse. Already used it today!

Izzy took this pic of me using my brand new sautee pan from Justin! I was sooo excited to get a new one, since I love cooking!!!

My in-law family members got me things I really wanted! I needed a deep dish 13x9 for lasagnas, tie backs for my curtains, a beautiful framed portrait of Clara, a dip serving dish, and 2 new tops. :) Just so thankful for these extra blessings!

Oh, I can't forget... my sisters got me a gift certificate for Maccaroni Grill for a future date night, and Maggie found some jewelry for me at a street vendor in NYC. My mom sent down a couple dresses (already wore 3 of them!), and some great antique pieces that I love. I was pleasantly surprised by the antiques! Last but not least, look in the pictures above to see all the new hardward my dad put on our cabinetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing!
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