Saturday, July 3, 2010

A real, live babydoll!

Ok, so the day has finally come and gone... the day that I found out I have my very own, live babydoll with braid-able hair! WOOOOOHOO. It's a dream come true. Izzy's bed is a little high up off the floor, so I sat her on it, and gave her a Curious George book to read. And away my fingers went...

Izzy's all dressed up and ready to go the baby shower for her Aunt "Jean."

Love her!
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  1. SOOOO cute...I love braiding addisons hair too...when I can get her to sit long enough! :) Hope you are doing well. Your girls are so precious! I would love to see you next time you are in PA

  2. Love the Braids...Izzy is just too cute!!!!