Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guess what I AM?!

THE WINNER! I have won my first blog giveaway. Woohoo!

This blog is written by a fellow alumna of Messiah College. We both have many mutal friends and acquaintances, but neither of us knew each other while there. She graduated one year before me when my roommate/friend, Naphtali, graduated (I've written plenty about Naph on this blog.). Anyhow, she started her blog, Knowing Norrah, when her biological daughter, Norrah, was in utero and found to have an abnormal 20 week ultrasound. Read HERE to know more about their story. If you're like me, you will keep reading and reading. ;)

Anyhow, that blogger mentioned above also has an adopted daughter, and her name is IZZY! Her little Izzy was given a sweet little homemade kitchen apron for her birthday, and the maker of the apron decided to donate a free apron to Knowing Norrah's blog giveaway. I can't believe I won the apron.

It's absolutely perfect timing. Clara's birthday is in a few weeks, and she'll be getting plenty of gifts. My Izzy loves to open presents, but her birthday is just before Christmas. She has to do all present opening in December to cover an entire year. Now, she will have something of her own to open in August!


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