Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Date night!

Justin took me into a couple of the buildings that he works in downtown.

Of course, we were early for our dinner reservation. ;)

We had a very private corner table! Justin got the Filet Mignon, and I got the Kona crusted Sirloin with Shallot butter. They were delicious. The creamed spinach with nutmeg was out of this world! What a refreshing dinner with my hubs. Our waiter seemed like he was SUCH a professional... kinda like what I'd imagine a butler to be like! I even ran into one of MY new friends, Marissa, and her hubby on their own date night. I feel like I don't know that many people overall in the area, and since Justin works downtown (and grew up in Charlotte), he was pretty sure he'd run into someone HE knows. Ha!

27 and still a little goofy! ;)
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