Saturday, February 13, 2010


In the mornings while Clara takes her 9 o'clock nap, Izzy and I head up to the 3rd floor to do "Skoooool." She asks for it! Anyhow, I have my lesson plans taken from several different places and all mixed together. They're organized by week and day in a binder. We sing an alphabet song with the letter sounds and listen to a chapter of the Bible on cd each day, but the other days we vary between counting, shapes, colors, Science (mammals, sea animals, plants, etc.), geography, and history. Each week has a theme... C for cow, cat, caterpillar. We read books on the life of a caterpillar, make butter out of cream, watch a clip about a baker for letter B, and so much more. She thought Herod was "cary" (scarey) on the cd, and she loves to draw "cirsees" (circles). We have our routine down for the hour of school, and she makes sure that I stick to it--the crayons have to sit in the exact same place on the desk each morning, I can't forget to count the numbers on the number line hung on the wall, etc. Fun, fun!

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