Saturday, February 13, 2010

Redneck sledding!

My mom's house got 20" of snow last weekend. Then while they were here in Charlotte, her house got 16" more! She thought she'd missed it, but CHARLOTTE got snow the last night she was here! Our house got 4-5" of fluffy snow, and it was so pretty. Izzy moved the S in snow to the end of the word, so she kept saying "now-s." Does that make sense? (Pronounce it like snow but with the S at the end.)
Friday night:
Aunt Lizz, Clara the penguin, and me Saturday morning before they left:
Saying goodbye:
After they left, we went redneck sledding... in a laundry basket! It was so much fun!!!
Play this video to see Clara, Izzy, and me in action:

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