Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color and Clowns

The nursery (Clara's room at the present) is now full of color, real blinds, AND decorations! I am loving walking in there with a bright cheery orange and sunlight coming through the open blinds. We used to have the temp blinds up, and they were not so temporary since they were up for over a year! All of the clown decor is up. I don't think the pictures do the room justice. Most of the clowns on the walls or the figurines have orange in them, which is where we got the color for the walls.

Justin & Izzy working on putting up new blinds (see those temp blinds we had?):
The two metal clown wall hangings were from my Grandma Moyer. The picture in the middle was from Justin's mom! We bought the hoosier and turned it into a changing station before Izzy was born. All the clown figurines were mine growing up.
The blue clown hanging was given to us by Justin's Grandma Joyce, and the black and gold one pinned to the valance was from my mom when she traveled with Grandma Moyer to Ireland.
The red clown was $3 at the MOPS auction. Nobody wanted it but me. haha.
Clown from Ireland:
Blue Clown:
Sweet Clara can now look around at bright colors and clowns!

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