Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nan & Yizz Visit Charlotte

Aunt Lizz (Izzy says Yizz) and Nana (Izzy drops the second A) drove down to Charlotte on Monday, but it took them extra long due to the snow they received last weekend in PA and northern VA. The traffic was backed up from the plows removing snow from the burm! The roads had been cleared, but you know how traffic piles up when any cop or accident or plow (in this case) is along the side of the road. Anyhow, they made it Monday night. Tuesday-Thursday were spent painting two bedrooms, relaxing, painting, reading, painting, playing with the girls, and painting. I got to try some new recipes on Aunt Lizz and Mom... I love doing that. I'll post the painting pictures in a couple days. I just haven't taken pics of the end products, and Clara's asleep now in her room. On Friday, we went uptown and toured a really good history museum, and then went out for lunch. I will miss having extra hands around next week!!!

Clara eating her first orange (she has only had rice cereal and a little banana yet):
Sisters in front of the Cotton Gin:
Izzy loved turning on the train. I told her to look at the camera, so she moved her head, but those eyes were fixed!

In front of the really cool textile mill replica:
Will you come back SOOOOOOOOON!??

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