Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy but not so healthy start to the new year!

On New Year's Eve morning, I heard some wheezing from Izzy. Justin heard it, too. He thought maybe after her having a cold for a week, she should get checked by the doc before the long holiday weekend. I got a text message at 11am from Justin that she was going for a chest x-ray. Found out she has pneumonia and double ear infections! What a shock! She has never once touched her ears. Izzy's still playing with her baby stroller and fake food, but she does have a few more melt downs over trivial things. Dr. K gave her 2 prescriptions. :)

Here's a few pics of the nebulizer treatments:
Happy sick girl! haha.
Justin explaining what was gonna happen:
A first time for everything as young parents, huh? ;)
I'm looking at you, Mom!
We love our girl!

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