Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gifts and Goats

We were very blessed by our families with generous gifts. I need to take pictures of the curtains, but here are a couple pics so far.
Justin hanging the rods and gold curtains:Rolling pin made from Ash with Walnut plugs for polka dots
crafted by my dad and Uncle Jimmy:

My mom had her dad's chair reupholstered and gave it to Justin.
It's now in our bedroom, but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet.
Isn't it fun to give gifts to those we love and see how much they enjoy them?
What a blessing it is to give a gift to those who have so many needs, too.
My mom bought a goat in our names for a family in Kenya. My Grandma Moyer's best friend, Marty Smith, is a missionary in Kenya, and she and her husband oversee helping families getting goats. Here's the link about their last goat dispersion: Pretty cool gift, Mom!

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