Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clara's first snow here at home!

Well, last night there was "snow" in accumulation of maybe 1/2" all around us, but there was none here. This morning we woke up to a mixture of ice, 1" snow (in some areas of the yard there was less), and sleet. Kinda gross, but we made the most of it!

What to wear in this snow/ice/sleet? Izzy got to sport Daddy's hunting tobogan, and Clara wore mittens Nana sent to her and a halloween penguin costume that we've never put to use. It looked pretty warm, not to mention the costume being a penguin fit the icy weather! We went outside at 7:15am with just Izzy, but we only stayed for about 10 minutes before the painful-to-your-face sleet started to pick up.
After breakfast, we brought Clara out:
Mushy slush:
Precious penguin!

Back inside with our rosy cheeks!

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