Friday, January 29, 2010

Stomach Virus, a Hat, and a Walkway

I haven't been my normal blogging self. The picture below should prove that 3 out of 4 of our family members were plauged by nasty Mr. Stomach Virus. Izzy got it first, along with double ear infections. Then Momma went down, so Daddy stayed home from work all day with the little girls. Too bad for him, he got the plague the next day! Izzy and Justin had it the worst, but I had the bloody eye... ewwwww.
The funny thing is last winter Izzy had RSV/Croup, then a couple weeks later she got the stomach virus and gave it to me. This year she got pneumonia, and then a couple weeks later she got the stomach virus and gave it to both parents. Crazy sickness for Jan/Febs from the past two years.
We are thankful that this one didn't last anywhere near as long as last year's, and we love being back to the land of the living. Also, CLARA survived without sickness!!! God is good and gets us through the hard days. I appreciate good health a little more than usual. Hopefully, we won't have a second round this winter!
Look at my 5.5 month old cutie in her daddy's camo hat:

Last weekend BEFORE the plague hit us, Justin used some gift cards from family members (THANKS!) and bought some thick walkway stones. The dogs/us were wearing a pathway from the garage to the gate, but now it's so much fun to walk on the stone path! Justin dug the stones down into the ground, so they are very sturdy. I learned that trick from my dad from all the stone paths he put in over the years. :)
(The frist stone is wet.)

Last but not least: I had my MOPS table of 8 moms over about a week and a half ago for a game night. I definitely enjoyed getting to know them better!

Here's the invite wording I sent out:

"The TROUBLE with the GAME OF LIFE is that sometimes we moms are going up and down so many CHUTES and LADDERS, which can cause some AGGRAVATION. Once in a while we need to use our CRANIUM and take a CLUE to have some TRIVIAL PURSUIT!!!

Leave Dad at home to man the BATTLESHIP! He can be SOLITAIRE for one night, right? (Hope that won't cause a FAMILY FEUD.)

Please bring an appetizer to share... and remember if you don't come, you'll be in DOUBLE TROUBLE. Lots of fun in store!"

Well, blog readers, that was my extra creativity for the week! I'll write again sooner rather than later. Izzy and I have been busy with her "preschool" program that we've been working on in the mornings during Clara's nap. I'll let you know more about that soon.

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