Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our trip to Elkin, NC

Tess wanted us to meet in Elkin, NC (the foothills) for a night, so we found out that Dec. 4 was their Christmas celebration and tree lighting. We couldn't stop laughing when the tree was a dinky little thing far away with what seemed like one strand of lights. That said, we enjoyed the cold air, walking through the town shops that were all open for the night, and just being somewhere different. Wellllll, all of us cept Izzy liked being somewhere different. She stayed in a hotel in June, but this time, she was distraught that we were not going home. It was a very long night for us, especially Justin. Clara slept straight through the every hour waking times, thankfully. In the morning, we drove on home after breakfast (and picked up our tree on the way through Indian Trail). Justin enjoyed sitting and watching football the rest of the day. ;)
Gotta eat at the Soda Shoppe to have their "World Famous Hotdogs." Strange thing--If you order a chili dog there, you get a bun with chili and no dog. If you want a "chili dog" as I know them, you have to order a hot dog topped with chili.

In the morning, Izzy got to open her birthday presents from Auntie Tess, Nana, and Aunt Maggie! Thanks for the fun toys and clothes!!!

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