Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home Improvements

Justin took a day off (WOWWWW--he took only 3 other vacation days this year plus 2 days when Clara was born) last week on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Our friend Dale called him up and asked if we'd want his garage storage units and workbench since they were getting a new set. Um, yeah!!! It's in great shape, and Justin worked for 2 days on the garage! He's going to finish up the organizing over Christmas.

Finally got the wedding banner up in the garage. My parents had that hung up at the reception.

On Black Friday, Justin went to Lowes.


he was taking a looooooong time.

So, I called his phone, but I heard it ringing, which means he left it here. I thought--he's either in a car crash or he found something he wants. ;)

When he got home, he was ready to discuss getting a new washer and dryer for this great deal, esp since ours was probably gonna die this year. Our set was OLD. So, the four of us went back to Lowes, and made the decision to go for the energy star HE Maytag! It was pretty funny-- Justin, Izzy, and I watched the laundry go round and round on Saturday after the men came to install it. You can't see it, but to there are a bunch of shelves to the right of the set, and then Justin installed a wire shelf along the wall up above the window for more storage space.

Never thought I'd be excited to do laundry! Don't know how long it'll last, tho... :)

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