Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Look what this girly girl got... !

With my stomach in knots, I loaded the girls into the car yesterday and headed to Stonecrest's Claire's. I've been wanting earrings for Izzy for 1 year now, and Daddy finally agreed. He didn't want her to look "grown up" too soon, so I had to waaaaaaaait. The day came for earrings, and I was so nervous. I thought she'd have a meltdown or something would go wrong.

Before we left, I showed Izzy my earrings and then let her look at her ears in a hand-mirror. I gave her lobe a tiny pinch, and told her it would hurt a little. Izzy was pretty serious in the store, and she got a little clingy when the lady put her gloves on... guess it reminded her of the doctor. ;) I sat on the chair with Izzy in my arms. After lots of cleaning, the gun was held up and a split second later the earring was in... WHAHHHHH! Izzy cried out, but as soon as the antiseptic was put on, she calmed right down. I was still nervous--how was the NEXT one gonna go? Many comforting and encouraging words about Izzy being a big girl and a quick hug given, and we were ready for round 2. It couldn't have gone better. She was sooo still, cried out for a few seconds, and calmed down. Looking in the mirror was fun, but the lollipop was the best. ;) Izzy looked in the mirror three times, and after everything was cleaned up, she was dancing around the store! I couldn't believe it!

Side note: Izzy's lobes are two very differnt sizes! I've never looked at them both head on, but when we were making sure the marker dots were level, it was quite clear that one is much bigger than the other. Ha!

I told her before hand that we'd go eat chicken after getting her new earrings, so the three of us stopped at Chick-fil-a. I haven't been there in a long while... yum! Izzy was adorable pointing to her ears and pointing to her chicken with a big smile. I was so proud of her. If she wasn't before, she is now a GIRLY GIRL!!!

Click on the pics below if you want to blow them up to see that little white gold stud:

What a sassy little diva look that first picture captured!

Sooo happy with her SWEET TEA. What a treat! Hairbow, new snowman necklace from Lynne, IZZY bracelet, and earrings now!

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