Monday, November 9, 2009

Fillin' you in...

Ok, so I better fill you in on our weekend. Justin lined up a babysitter for Izzy for Friday evening, and when he got home to take me out, he had bought me these flowers. They are extra special casue they are the first flowers, if I'm remembering correctly, that are not roses. I love the red sunflowers and orange lillies in the bunch. When Justin took me out on our very first date, we ended up going to City Tavern in Stonecrest (we love it there), but his original plan was to go to Firebirds. That particular night, the line was super long, so we never ate there. Finally, after being married over three years, we made it to Firebirds. It's a restaurant that uses a wood-fired grill to give us a taste of Colorado. I must brag on my little Clarabelle. She sat in her carrier on the table looking at us and not making a peep the whole entire time. Once again, we got to have a "date night" and didn't have to quiet her or hold her... all thanks to her new habit: THUMB SUCKING. She MUST be MY little girl. The paci is almost 100% retired. (Weird, cause Izzy stopped her paci at 3 mo, too.) Back, to Firebirds--we got STEAK and loaded baked potatoes (Justin got shrimp, too). That meal is sooo not on my healthy eating menus, but when I'm going out for a nice dinner, I'm so going to get something I want and don't get to each much. Just to top off the healthy eating, we shared a big brownie with salted caramel sauce and vanilla icecream. What a great meal, and the time together just talking was rejuvinating, as always.

On Saturday morning, I hopped in my car with Naphtali and our two babies to go to a craft show. I didn't know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. I took forever with my indecisiveness in picking out more hairbows for the girls, of course. Angie is always so patient waiting for me to choose--if only she didn't have tons of options to choose from! Well, Izzy wanted to wear them all... I am most excited about buying a handmade wooden train for Izzy. It's unfinished wood, so I am going to stain it before her birthday. I know she's going to love driving it all around our first floor on the hardwoods. Plus, it will be a wonderful heirloom toy that we can pass down. Can you believe that in one month from today, Izzy will be TWO!??? On the way home, Naph and I were "blessed" to listen to a duet by Clara and Ella Grace. Clara doesn't cry too much, but when she wants to be in her crib, she makes it well known. If you want to hear 41 seconds of the duet, check out this blog:

Saturday afternoon, I ran around like crazy trying to finish a b-day gift for Justin's dad and making a squash casserole. Justin worked on the grass in our yard with Izzy all morning, but he ran some errands for me in the afternoon even though he was tired. <3

To anyone who actually reads this blog: Hope you have a productive week and stay healthy!

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