Monday, August 29, 2011

A snapshot of the month so far

Aunt Tess stayed for a fun few days after Clara's b-day party!

After she left, we met friends in Blakeney to play in the fountains and eat lunch.

We said goodbye to Clemson freshman, Hannah:

I went to Angie's baby shower for her son, Ryder. Here's a pic of me with Trang and Naphtali at the shower:
We paint... a lot.

We lounge at the pool:

We love on Daddy when he comes home 1 hour early (happens once in a blue moon):

We went to Crosby's first football game:

But hanging out with Crosby's little bro, Abram, is more fun than watching the game:

And now this week, we are preparing to go on our beach vacation that starts SATURDAY!

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