Monday, August 29, 2011

5 years!?

Justin and I have already been married for FIVE YEARS?!?!? What a jam, packed first five it has been!

We really do live happily ever after.

We spent a morning and lunchtime in historic Philadelphia, since Justin had never been there, and I hadn't been in a very long time. I couldn't stop saying, "This is so fun." Just doing something a little out of the ordinary that we both enjoyed was pure fun. Jack was along, but it really didn't feel like it, cause he hung out or slept in my sling the whole time. There were 13 different story tellers all around the historic center, so we sat and listened to a few of them. I was pretty impressed how "in character" they were during the entire story.

Hangin' out with B. Franklin and the commander of the naval forces, although Ben said he doesn't "hang out" cause he is a very important and busy man. Later on, we found out Mr. Franklin was quite the womanizer and ALL ABOUT making money. He invented fire insurance: if you pay us, we'll come to your house fire first.

My love:

Dutch, our 2000 lb. "engine" for our city tour. It reminded me the carriage tours in Charleston, SC. Very fun.
This post office has no American flag, because it existed BEFORE the flag!

What a great outting with my hubby!

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  1. since this was a date, i didn't expect a knock at the door, but you were seriously blocks from my house!