Monday, May 17, 2010

Cane Creek Park Picnic

Pictures of our church picnic are up! (Click on the word "pictures.")

Justin & Steve left our house about 7am two Saturdays ago with the big BBQ grill to cook our pork BBQ for the church picnic. Little did they know, they were going to have some angels watching over them on the way. The huge grill was broken, unbeknownst to them, and came off the truck Justin was driving down a narrow country road. Justin saw it BESIDE him, and just in time, the grill swerved to the left (and into a ditch) while a Mustang went sailing in between Justin's truck and the grill. The guys were able to get the grill to the park, and although shook up, they cooked their best BBQ yet! A couple other guys arrived at different times of the day to help with the BBQ. The grill had to be hauled on a flat bed back to Charlotte, but our picnic was a success. The weather was beautiful, and everyone brought delicious food to share. We closed the picnic with some praise songs led by Jeff, Hannah, and Grayson. Justin's mom did a lot of work gathering and buying all the supplies, but it wouldn't have been as fun a picnic if everyone hadn't pitched in! Take a look at the link above to see the pictures.
An old picture of Steve & Justin cooking BBQ last fall:

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